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TayPlay Team

TayPlay Team are the BEST Team

The success of our Multi-Activity Holiday Camps is not only down to our variety of different activities but also our fantastic TayPlay Team.
TayPlay delivers successful Holiday Programmes across multiple venues, this has only been possible with our high expectations and our hardworking, fun and enthusiastic TayPlay Team!

TayPlay Returners

TayPlay can admit it… our recruitment process is tough! We only recruit staff who are fun, enthusiastic and have a passion for providing memorable experiences for children. All our TayPlay Team are DBS Checked and have experience working with children.

All TayPlay Team Members must successfully go through our recruitment process & procedures followed by our training & assessment day. Only when individuals have successfully gone through this entire process, we know we can be sure they meet our high expectations. 

High Quality

We have a secret… Our TayPlay Holiday Camps are also developed to be fun and enjoyable for our TayPlay Team! We have many individuals who have been working for TayPlay since the beginning.
This highlights how much they enjoy TayPlay’s environment, resulting in enjoyable activities and FUN for children every Half Term.

How you and your child are supported by TayPlay Staff

TayPlay has a fantastic staff structure, this is to make sure that both Parents & Children are well supported during their time at TayPlay.
Each Holiday Camp has a Camp manager who is responsible for the overall Holiday Camp experience. The Manager is available for parents/guardians to discuss details about their child’s day and any concerns that you may have during the week.

TayPlay also has Area Managers who ensure the smooth running of a set of camps in a specific geographical area. This is another level of care to ensure that your child/children are having the best experience during their time on our TayPlay Camps.

Our Head Office Team are also on hand to support parents/guardians to answer any queries or to give any further information.
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